5 Ways In Which PVC Pipe Bends Grace Different Places

Today, we’re going to talk about one of the very essential needs of the piping systems that are crucial enough to be chosen in a particular way so that there are no consequences further. Yes, we’re talking about PVC pipe bend which is needed every time when there is a connection which goes around a corner or anywhere where there is a bent. These come in particular angles and shapes which are made accordingly. So, you can pick the ones that fit your needs and requirements. 

At the same time, there are different PVC pipe bend types which you can avail in the market and also there are custom bends which are made according to the required size of the bend so that it can fit the curve perfectly. 

Also, they come with different bend radius which can be chosen accordingly to fit the curve wherever required. 

These are not just used in homes for carrying the wires but these are used at many other places too in many different ways. 

  • Plumbing

When we talk about the plumbing industry, these bends are very common. Such bends can be infused anywhere where standard elbows cannot be relied upon in order to bypass any kinds of obstacles or to change the pipe angle. There are pipes that have high-viscosity liquids or fluids which demand reduced turbulence, the PVC bends which are smoother are preferred over sharper bends. On the other hand, custom bends are used in the plumbing of all types, from the pipes which are used in your home, to the ones which are used in chemical plants, and refineries.

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  • Wiring Conduit

The wiring conduit is made to protect electrical cables from different sorts of weather, any kind of accidental damage and other dangers. When there is a need for wiring conduit on an electrical job, then it must be bent in order to go around corners or any other obstacles. However, smoother curves such as 3D or 5D bends are used rather than sharp curves, as they make it much simple to fish the wire through the conduit after installation. Electricians usually have with them their own tools to bend the conduit of small-diameter, and, for larger-diameter ones, they need custom bending services.


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  • Pipelines

Just like any of the plumbing systems, gas and oil pipelines also use pipe bends in many of the places that are along their lengths. These are not like household pipes, as these are typically very large and need some machinery to do custom bends.  

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  • Hand Rails

These are one of the most overlooked areas where pipe bends are used. It’s in the handrails for stairways or walkways, and also the safety rails that are used to give handicap access. Custom bends are generally used to follow the given curves, go around corners or to give mounting points at all the ends of the pipe. At times, the bends are also used for many of the decorative purposes.

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  • Art Projects

There are many art projects, where tubular steel is used for creating a frame, upon which the rest of the piece is built by the artist. Custom bends are generally used to create gentle-flowing lines and also some of the other aesthetic features, which many of the times are covered up using other materials. The frame makes a strong base for the rest of the piece and also determines its complete shape.

These are some of the different places where PVC pipe bends can be used. And for the best PVC pipe bends you can surely count on Durga pipes which brings to you all the durable and reliable products.