A Glimpse of Durga’s Dealers Conference 2021 At Bengaluru

It’s said that, “We do not remember the days and events rather the moments’, and Durga’s Dealers Conference 2021, Bengaluru was a perfect exhibition of it. 

Durga’s Dealers Conference proved to be a great moment for everyone at the Durga Family. With a fresh new day, new hopes and new achievements, today we have come up with the memories of the Dealers Conference held at Ranch – A New Resort from the Big Banyan / The Paul Group, Bengaluru by the owners of the renowned Durga Pipes and Fittings in Bihar

To give you a quick recap, the event was hosted by the esteemed directors Mr. Sandeep Kumar Sarraf, Mr. Deepak Sarraf, and Mr. Ujjwal Sarraf who enlightened everyone in the audience with their precious words of wisdom. 

The dealers conference had everything from bringing in the new changes in the material quality to making the products even more assured. The three big points that were brought into focus were: 

1-Quality Assurance and Quality Control

2-ISI Mark on All the Products 

3-Lightweight Product Range 

The conference was held to reflect on the future of ideas that dealers and entrepreneurs need to embrace for incredible breakthroughs and journeys unexperienced so far.

The directors shared their journey and how they brought Durga Pipes and Fittings from a small business to a renowned one so far. 

The idea of the dealer’s conference was to bring into knowledge of all the dealers and business owners about the changes in the quality and better manufacturing of the premium range of pipes and fittings. 

One more thing that came into the spotlight was the ISI mark, which will now be there on all the products of Durga Electroplast. This assures the premiumness of the products that will be offered to the nation all over. 

Next thing that made the trust of Durga Pipes even more stronger was the change of material which will now be even lighter than ever. This will definitely change the perspective of the customers towards the range of pipes and fittings. And they will have a collection to try their hands on which is better than before with a team of skilled experts that are wiser than before. 

These products can be absolutely trusted upon as they have been designed by skilled engineers with the use of advanced machinery. 

Counting the moments, the interaction was made even more engaging by the dealers present there who interacted with the leaders and they were guided beautifully by them. 

The conference was made even more exciting with a group of musicians who played some rocking music to cheer up the guests. Everyone danced to the tunes of the band and it was a lively atmosphere overall. 

It was a great experience for everyone at the Durga family along with all the dealers and other members. People enjoyed the conference with drinks and refreshments with lots of laughter and joy. 

In the end, Durga Pipes and Fittings have come this far by giving the best collection in Bihar, Jharkhand and UP and now they have been approached by a large group of people from all over the country. Durga promises to serve the nation with the same zest and zeal in the future too.