Advantages of Flexible PVC Pipes That Make Them a Win-Win in Every Situation

Flexible PVC pipes are one of the products of modern technology that provides reliable and durable service to a variety of users including everyone from contractors, engineers, utilities, operators, industries, to irrigation districts.

There are a number of performance advantages of these pipes that means flexible PVC pipes have the ability to now replace many of the traditional materials.

Here are all the advantages of these pipes that will surely make you believe that these are one of the best ones to opt for:

  • Lightweight

Flexible PVC Pipes offer a tremendous weight advantage over all the alternative piping materials. The comparatively low weight of these pipes means that the installers are very much less likely to get themselves injured, and while it may take a team of mechanical hoists to carry the large section of metal pipe, PVC Pipe is so light that even a single person could easily move a long piece. This directly means that fewer installers are required and those who’re hired can get the piping installed comparatively faster than those of iron or steel.

At the same time, less weight also means cheaper transport because most of the transport companies charge by weight.

  • Flexibility

The PVC pipe’s resistance to fracture is a crucially important performance advantage. While these flexible pipes are made from rigid PVC compounds, the PVC pipe itself has the power to yield under loading without fracturing. These pipes can be successfully used where the surface shall be subjected to external loading such as road traffic.

  • Coefficient of Friction

When the piping systems are designed, one of the main concerns about them is that the flow rate and pressure must be proper. PVC Pipes offer smooth wall surfaces that reduce fluid friction and at the same time the resistance to flow.

This hydraulic smoothness of the pipes inhibits slime build-up in sewers and virtually eliminates tuberculation and encrustation in the water distribution mains. The end results here are significantly lower maintenance costs, more efficient initial pipeline design, along with superior performance over the lifetime of the pipe. Hence, these pipes are considered one of the best in terms of friction.

  • Safe Material

When it comes to the safety of the material, the flexible PVC pipe is a non-toxic and safe material that has been used for more than half a century. Along with that it is also the world’s most researched and tested plastic amongst all.

  • Longer Lengths

Another advantage of these pipes is that these are typically supplied in lengths of 6m, however can be supplied in other lengths too as and when required. Hence, this reduces the number of joints required as compared with other pipe products. Therefore, it is one of the perfect pipes amongst all that can give you all the advantages of being longer in length to being a safe material. And this is all that is required.

These are the benefits of Flexible PVC pipes that make them the best amongst all.

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