Durga Electroplast Now With ISI Mark on Pipes and Fittings

Durga: A name which has now turned into a major brand that brings premium quality pipes and fittings while giving the maximum benefits in their products than ever. With giving the best products in the industry, we have now become one of the most renowned pipes and fittings manufacturers across the nation. 

We thrive to give the best quality in which we provide everything from fire resistance to flexibility to tensile strength and what not. 

With serving all the above mentioned advantages to the society, we thought we were making our customers content. And surely we did. But, there was one thing, which was still awaited by everyone and that was the ISI mark on the products that would legally certify the best quality of our products. 

And, can we please have a drumroll as we’re here with the ISI mark on all our products and this turns out to be big news for all our customers. 

Adding to that, we also give Quality Assurance and Quality Control which is looked at by most of the customers in whichever product they buy. 

We have all learned of products proudly demonstrating their ISI mark. ISI means the Indian Standards Institute, a body set up when India acquired Independence to create standards required for orderly commercial growth and sustaining quality in industrial production. 

Now, we’ll tell you how this mark can turn out to be a beneficial thing for all our customers. Most of you must be aware of it, but here is the thing: 

The quality and standards of all our products with ISI mark are set up as this ISI mark is issued after right investigation. So, you don’t need to worry about the quality of any of the pipes and fittings offered to you. And if you have issues regarding any of the products, then we at Durga are always open to hear all your suggestions and requirements. 

And we assure you that Durga will become your best choice for ISI pipes and fittings in Bihar over anyone else. 

As we mentioned in our earlier blogs, we have come up with three new points that are going to change your perspective towards Durga Electroplast entirely. Let’s have a quick recap of all of them. 

1-Quality Assurance and Quality Control

2-ISI pipes and fittings 

3-Lightweight pipes- Better than before 

You get to avail the benefits of premium quality assurance along with quality control. Also, all the pipes and fittings will now have an ISI mark that gives you the relief of trusting the product even more. 

And last but not least, we’re stronger with the quality of our products with increasing the goodness of the material than ever. We have manufactured our pipes with the best quality material and made them lighter than ever. 

We promise that you’ll never get such amazing strength and lightweight pipes from anyone else. 

So, now if you’re looking for ISI PVC pipes and fittings in Bihar, Jharkhand and UP, then head to Durga Electroplasts as we are one of the most incredible pipes manufacturers domestically. 

Here is some more information for you regarding the ISI pipes and fittings, 

ISI for pipe- IS 9537 (PART II)


For fittings- IS 3419

C/ML- 5300060685

Trying your hands on our products for once will give you all the satisfaction regarding the quality of product and investment of your money for lifetime.

Direct your way to Durga if you want the best for your dreamhouse. You can get all the products ranging from pipe bends to PVC conduit pipes, PVC pipes, gang boxes and many more.