Durga Presents The Manufacturing Process of PVC Conduit Pipes

Certainly one of the most pervasive and adaptable kinds of plastic piping, PVC conduit pipes have been used for over 80 years and are still in the best terms of use. It facilitates a colossal amount of applications in various market areas across the world.

If you compare it to the metal piping, PVC conduit pipes are exceptionally strong and durable, while having complete corrosion resistance and at the same time, very less risk of giving up to thermal expansion or contraction.

Economical and powerful, these pipes can be acquired in various sizes with a supreme list of available fittings and you can use them for multiple applications depending on the sort of PVC variant.

PVC Conduit Pipes
Know About The Usage of PVC Conduit Pipe

There are multiple things that you must know about these pipes before you make a purchase, but the very first is the use of PVC conduit pipes.

The prime use of these pipes is that they are immensely used for making pipes like sewage pipes, electrical pipes and also for irrigation uses. It has some very good properties such as it is a long-lasting product, then the next one is that they are quite easy to install, extremely lightweight, very powerful, very much durable and quite easily recyclable, and all of these factors makes them cost-efficient and sustainable to the environment.

PVC Conduit Pipes
The thoroughly smooth surface of PVC conduit pipes also uplifts faster flow due to fewer amounts of friction as compared to the pipes which are manufactured from different materials such as cast iron or concrete.

From different lengths to thicknesses and diameters of the wall, these can be designed according to the international size standards.

Manufacturing of PVC Conduit Pipes

Here is something that you need to know while you’re purchasing them for any of the purposes. There is a certain kind of manufacturing process which is followed to bring the best quality pipes into the market.

The PVC conduit pipes are made by the expulsion of raw material that is PVC, and certainly, it follows the below-mentioned points of basic pipe extrusion operations:

  • In the PVC twin screw extruder, supporting raw material pellets or powder
  • Heating and Melting in various extruder zones
  • Extruding by a die to give the pipe shape
  • Cooling of the pipe for shaping
  • Cutting of PVC conduit pipes to the suitable length

Flexible PVC Pipes
However, you may notice that most of the pipes have the same manufacturing procedure, PVC conduit pipes have diverse characteristics that give further challenges to the pipe makers both in the terms of production, as well as positioning their services on the market.

It is essential for you to know the manufacturing of PVC conduit pipes and here is everything that we have come up with.
Durga Electroplast promises you to serve the best quality in all of their piping solutions which will definitely meet all your expectations.