Electrical PVC Conduit Pipes: Did you ever think about how these are manufactured?

One of the most familiar and versatile varieties of plastic piping, electrical PVC conduit pipes have been used for more than eighty years and are nevertheless first-rate in terms of use. It helps a wide variety of electrical piping applications globally.

Compared to metal piping, electrical PVC conduit pipes are flexible, non-conductor of electricity, and have strong corrosion resistance. They have a significantly less threat of expansion or contraction due to heat compared to metal piping. 

Economical and robust, such pipes may be picked from a choice of sizes: 19mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm & 40mm with an extensive list of pipe fittings.

Usage of PVC Conduit Pipe

There are several facts you should know about a product before buying it either offline or online. This applies to electrical PVC conduit pipes also. Do you know about their use? If you are aware of  PVC conduit pipes, fine! If not, please find as under:

 PVC conduit pipes have remarkable properties. They are long-lasting. Their installation process is smooth, lightweight, extraordinarily strong, distinctly durable and are completely recyclable.

These factors make them sturdy, economical & eco-friendly. The smooth surface of PVC Conduit pipes protects the insulation PVC wires from getting cracked as compared to the comparatively rough inner surface of metal conduits.

 The demand for electrical PVC conduit pipes in Jharkhand and adjoining states is very high because they are developing states. The demand for these products is soaring in Pan India owing to its unique properties.

 Manufacture of PVC Conduit Pipes by the Best PVC Pipe Manufacturers

Here is the whole lot you want to remember when you buy Best quality PVC Electrical Conduit Pipes. High tech machinery and a competent production team are the USPs of the best PVC Pipe manufacturer. Thoughtful and calculated recipes after proper R & D are the main strategies behind production of best PVC pipes.

The electrical PVC conduit pipes are produced by the extrusion of raw material, PVC resin mixed with required additives. The production process includes the undermentioned pipe extrusion operations: 

  1.     PVC resin compound is melted and jellified in a dual screw extruder.
  2.     The molten material is extruded through a die.
  3.     The PVC pipe is then cooled in the vacuum tank where it takes the desired cylindrical shape.
  4.    The Haul off unit pulls the pipe forward. The pipes are cut into the desired       lengths in this unit.
  5.    An online belling machine makes a socket at one end of the pipe.
  6.    The pipes are then bundled and dispatched in the market.

 With this blog, you must have undoubtedly known the entire process of PVC electrical conduit manufacturing.

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