Introduce yourself to the collection of Durga’s pipe fittings!

Situated in Patliputra Industrial Area in Patna, Shree Durga Electroplast Industries is a brand known for PVC conduit pipes, PVC pipes, Pipe fittings, flexible PVC pipes, pipe bend, and various other electrical box accessories. And, so, we would like to bring your dire attention to the range that is super-important but often goes unnoticed – PIPE FITTINGS.
Owned by Deepak Sarraf and Sandeep Kumar Sarraf, Shree Durga Electroplast offers a wide range of premium and quality-rich pipe fittings. After meticulous research and a lot of skilled work, we have come up with an acceptable range of pipe fittings that will solve all the issues you have to face to push in the electrical wires.
What we have in store for you?

  • Comprehensive range –
    To solve each and every requirement of our beloved customers, we have come up with a comprehensive range of heavy-duty pipe fittings suited for sizes 19mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, and 40mm. You can look up to our range here.

PVC Pipe fittings

  • Quality control standards followed:
    The pipe fittings are manufactured under strict quality control methods to fulfil the highest standard. This is done to provide you with faultless pipe fittings. It is produced using HDPE, HIPS, ABS, PPPE, LLDE from leading suppliers such as Reliance Industries Limited, Haldia Petrochemical Limited, Supreme Plastiblends, etc. The end product you get has gone through multiple levels to check the strength, durability, and cracks.
  • Superb wall thickness:
    The wall thickness of Durga’s pipe fittings is designed in such a way that it can withstand all the types of stress caused. It is always a thing that while using it, the worker might rough handle it or throw it down from a height, and to ensure that the pipe fittings suffer nothing in such a case, we have come up with thick-walled pipe fittings. The pipe fittings offered by us are heavy-duty.

pipe fittings

  • Uniform quality:
    It is always a perception that when pipe fittings or any other product is produced in bulk, the quality varies. But, not with us! We make sure each product, including the pipe fittings, is manufactured in an automatic plant to ensure that quality is prime and uniform. If you are afraid that you might purchase a fake Durga product, look at the product; it must have a 3D hologram that guarantees it is a genuine product.

We have an entire range to satiate your requirement, from the PVC pipe couplings to the other pipe fittings.

Here at Durga, you can avail yourself of one of the best ranges of pipe fittings, PVC conduit pipes, and other electrical PVC pipes. Make the proper pipe connection with the suitable pipe fitting. It gives a seamless connection, has the strength to bear the stress (high tensile strength), and is also superbly durable.

Going for the most large-scale range of Durga PVC pipe fittings can be beneficial for your construction of the home, office, and any other infrastructure. We have over 250+ dealer networks, hundreds of sub-dealers all over Bihar, and they are our happy customers. For more details, you can look out at our product ranges.