PVC Conduit Pipe And Basic PVC Pipes: Know The Difference With Durga!

There have been many questions about PVC Conduit pipes and basic PVC pipes. However, there is a chunk of knowledgeable information. Here are some of the insights to provide humans with the opportunity to be vigilant. Durga Electroplasts brings to you complete details stating the difference between the two.

Many PVC Conduit Pipe manufacturers produce PVC conduit pipes in India. Before purchasing, understand the difference between basic PVC Pipes and PVC Conduit Pipes.

Chemical formula

PVC pipe is used for plumbing, and PVC conduit protects electrical wires. PVC conduits are sometimes chlorinated to stop corrosion and increase fire resistance. This kind of PVC pipe is called CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride).


One of the significant differences between PVC pipes and PVC conduits is that they are not all equal in stress resistance. The difference in the kinds of piping used can change the stability and integrity of the piping system.

The production of PVC conduit pipe results in a thicker wall, making it suitable for specific applications. Due to the extra thickness, PVC conduit pipe is typically used in places where there is more stress on the system; the thicker wall can help the PVC conduit pipe stay unbent.

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Our standard PVC pipes come in a range of 10mm-50mm and various colours. Red, yellow and blue are the colour codes to distinguish between the three different power phases. For the first time, Durga Electroplast has made this option available to engineers and electricians, giving them more flexibility.

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