PVC Pipe Bends: The Integral Part of Home Construction

Any sort of adapter or fitting is made to join straight sections in pipes and tubes. It can also be utilized in different applications to regulate the flow of current in a pipe and alter to various sizes or shapes. Pipes and fittings are an essential part of piping and plumbing systems that needs different tools, time and price to install. There are different types to it too like joints, curved PVC pipes, bends, etc.

 pvc pipe bend
Know About The Pipes And Fittings
The material used for connecting the fittings and pipes together is known as Solvent Cement. The solvent cement can be availed in the market in two various ways, one PVC Solvent Cement and the second, CPVC Solvent Cement. The top players in the Pipefitting industry bring to you the best piping solutions so that you don’t have to go for replacements every once in a while.
This is how Pipes and Fittings such as PVC conduit pipes or curved PVC pipes are adapted in the Indian construction sector:

A piping system does not only includes pipes but also other elements like pipe fittings, flexible joints, expansion, strainers, bolts, flanges, valves, gaskets and supports. Pipe fittings offer various purposes that primely involve connecting two pipes through proper fittings to adjust the flow or distribute them to other pipes.

  • Collar – Connects two pipes to increase the length
  • Gasket – Stops flange joints
  • Elbow – Alters the direction of flow
  • Union – Connects the ends of two pipes
  • Reducer – Joins pipes of various diameters
  • Trap – Stops the entry of sewer gases into the pipe

Application of Pipes & fittings:

Pipes & Fittings are broadly used in the following sectors:

  • Irrigation
  • Borewell Application
  • Water Supply
  • Plumbing
  • Sewerage

Benefits of using Pipes & Fittings:

Hydraulic transmission: The plastic pipes & fitting material have a soft pipe wall, with low resistance, and a huge flow amount. To alter gradient terrain the aperture of plastic pipe fittings can be decreased in a minimal construction capacity.

Sealing: When compared to Cement pipe, PVC pipes fittings service lasts longer. Cement pipes come with a low sealing property and are strong, slight movement may destroy the joining part. However, the cement pipe is fastened by a vulcanized rubber ring, but on the other hand, plastic pipes fitting is secured by the TPE sealing ring.

pvc pipe bend
Durability and resistance to corrosion: The durability of Cement pipe is just for 15 years while on the other hand, plastic pipes fitting lasts for 50-100 years, and plastic pipes fitting have way better corrosion resistance than cement pipes.

There are different properties of plastic pipes fitting include lightweight, long-lasting nature, fewer pipe joints, easy to join and construct and efficient construction cost.

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