Why Durga Pipes And Fittings Bring The Best Solutions For Your Home?

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is yet another versatile choice for different applications in most of the areas that include the construction industry. PVC pipes are undoubtedly strong, flexible, lightweight, easy to handle and at the same time very much economic. Along with all these amazing qualities, their recyclability and long-lifespan make them the key economic choice for residential as well as all the commercial building constructions. 

There is an incredible range of products that you can avail at Durga Pipes and fittings which will make your home safer and your lives safer from any sort of electric shocks. 

We have in store PVC and CPVC pipes that have their own specialities. You can choose the one that fits your residence according to your needs and requirements. 

Specialities of PVC pipes:

  • The high resistance to corrosion and heat of PVC pipes are the main contributors to their speciality.
  • PVC pipes are lightweight and quite easy to transport over suitably large distances which are to be laid as pipelines. This automatically leads to less fuel consumption in order to transport them, and this is what makes them eco-friendly.
  • These are one of the most cost-effective pipes since a relatively easy process is used for their mass production.
  • It is quite simple to mold them into different shapes which makes them a versatile material with a huge range of applications.
  • With being strong and durable, these are also resistant to large amounts of stress. And this is what makes them a suitable material for underground pipes.

Specialities of CPVC pipes:

There is one thing about CPVC pipes that these are just not safer than metal to install, but at the same time they are often safer to operate. Along with that, CPVC piping comes with a lower thermal conductivity. And this property not only reduces the amount of heat loss, but also keeps the surface temperature lower which in turn reduces the chance of burns to maintenance

The difference between PVC and CPVC

When we talk about PVC, it is quite brittle and rigid in its original form. It is known for a range of commercial and industrial uses. Different plasticizers make it softer in approach and more flexible.  

CPVC is a type of PVC in which the content of chlorine is boosted. It comes with a higher temperature resistance threshold. It can take temperatures of up to 200 F as compared to PVC, which can take up to 140 F before it melts.

These are the specialities and differences of PVC and CPVC pipes that are offered to you by Shree Durga Electroplast which is known as one of the leading PVC pipes manufacturers is always there to serve you with the vast variety of products they have in the store to offer. We have the strongest and top-class pipes that have the power to withstand any of the environmental conditions. We also offer plastic corrugated pipes. And our PVC pipe offerings are available to you in four different sizes from 19mm, and 20mm, to 25mm, and 32mm.

Top Product of the Week – Durga Electroplast Conduit Pipes!


Want your infrastructure safe?

Want no bare wires hanging out?

We have a product that has been the product for this week – Conduit Pipes! It is our best selling product and a supreme in PVC category. So, before we begin talking about why we saw a surge in the sale of PVC conduit pipes or basically why these are best. 

We want you to know about  –

What are PVC conduit pipes?

An electrical conduit is basically a tubing system that is primarily used for protection and routing of electrical wiring in an infrastructure. And, amid all the other material, PVC conduit is the lightest in weight and most effective one. 

We at, Durga Electroplast manufacture it using finest quality raw material by our team of professional workers. They have utmost knowledge on how to design the best using advanced technologies and advanced types of machinery. 

The effort of our hard-working team made us the top seller of PVC conduit pipes in Bihar. 

We offer a range in PVC conduit pipes and make sure that each piece that has to be delivered goes through a strict quality control stage. You can view the following in our product store – 

  • Durga PVC conduit pipes come in a wide range of four sizes, specifically – 19mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, and is also available in different wall thicknesses to suit open, wall concealed, and RCC-concealed electrical wiring applications.

Moreover, the chemicals used in the manufacturing of PVC resin are of fine quality. Each length of Durga PVC conduit pipes carries a 3D hologram that ensures you are buying an authentic Durga product.

What Made PVC Conduit Pipes the Best Seller?

This isn’t the first time that PVC Conduit Pipes has become the best seller, and also it is not alone, the demand of other products – Durga flexible pipes, PVC pipes, gang boxes, pipe fittings, pipe bends, and other accessories, have also increased and is still increasing.

But what makes our PVC conduit pipes stand apart from others?

  • Smooth Finish Inner Surface:

    As mentioned earlier, our PVC Conduit Pipes go through a stringent quality control phase, and we ensure fault-free products. The conduit pipes are smoothened inside out for better wiring and friction-free experience. The edges are cut with precision and smoothened for easy installation.

  • No Deformation or Bending:

    The product doesn’t experience any breakage or any deformation even in the high-pressure as they have been manufactured with fine quality raw material. This raw material makes them stronger and best for electrical wiring.

  • Economical, Durable, & Maintenance Free:

    Durga PVC conduit pipes have a long-life, they are durable, easily installable, and maintenance-free. Once you install PVC Conduit you will be ensured with ultimate safety for a long, long time.

  • Easy to Handle and Install:

    Durga PVC Conduit Pipes are super-light in weight and come be a fuss-free installation that makes it best for every infrastructure.

  • Fire Retardant:

    Well, this is the reason why they are used for electrical wiring to safeguard your home from accidents/hazards.

This is why PVC conduit pipe is the bestseller of this week! Durga electroplast pipe manufacturers in Bihar are bringing constant innovations and prime quality in PVC pipes, Pipe Fittings, Accessories, Gang Boxes, and Flexible Pipes. Durga PVC Conduit pipes and fittings are manufactured for electrical applications.

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