Top Reasons Proving PVC Conduit Is A Superlative Choice

Durga PVC Conduit pipes are manufactured from pure poly Vinyl Chloride Resin with minimum possible fillers in order to give the desired strength and flexibility to withstand all the pressure and weather conditions.

Durga PVC conduit pipes come in a wide range of four sizes, specifically – 19mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, and is also available in different wall thicknesses to suit open, wall concealed, and RCC-concealed electrical wiring applications.

The chemicals used in the manufacturing of PVC Resin are of the best quality available in their respective classes. Each length of Durga PVC Conduit pipes carries a 3D Hologram to ensure that you are buying genuine Durga products. And, all of the PVC conduit pipes measures 3 meters in length. The pipes before delivering go under various quality tests and then are presented to the client or in the market.

This blog will talk about top reasons which make PVC conduit pipes a superlative choice amidst consumers:

  • Fire Retard and low smoke properties

In case there would be an accident or event where the building catches fire, these PVC conduits will retard fire and cause very little smoke emission. Low smoke will make sure that the visibility of the place does not become zero and hence people can easily escape towards safety.

  • Thermally stable and corrosion resistant

PVC Conduit is Thermally stable and corrosion-resistant. This is one of the most basic reasons responsible for the popularity of this material. This is the reason why Conduit has been immensely potent to substitute GI pipes and fittings manufacturers manufacturers in the world of electric wiring applications.

Socketed one-sited to make the joining of multiple units less complex

PVC Conduit Pipes are socketed on the one side to make wiring a hassle-free and safe task. This way the entire procedure becomes more affordable – By reducing the need to buy couplers and be requiring lesser electricians to install the whole thing.

  • High Strength

The PVC Conduit Pipes Manufacturers are generally installed stuck between two solid layers of bricks and mortar. This puts extreme pressure on the pipes. Any fragile material used in cheap quality can break and bring along a lot of chances of accidents. Moreover, the cost to build the foundation of the building or place again would be super high. Make sure to use a material that will be strong enough to not surrender to this pressure and in fact stay intact to handle the stress. PVC Conduit is extremely rigid and highly durable to not succumb under any pressure easily.

  • Smooth finishing for Smooth and quick transport of wire

PVC Conduit Pipes have a super smooth inner area that makes it convenient and comfortable for humans to install wires. The wires will be able to reach any desired point in the location due to this smooth surface support.

  • Permanent and mess-free laser marking

PVC Conduit brands use the superlative marking technology to mark their product details. The laser technology burns the PVC Conduit a little bit leaving behind stain-proof markings that are clean and clear. These marking are necessary proofs of quality and authenticity.

  • Flexibility

There will be a lot of situations when the wiring will have to go through from a  lot of weird dimensions. Hence, strength and resistance are required to tolerate the strain of molding. The supreme adaptability and flexibility make PVC Conduit Pipes one of the premium choices when it comes to electrical wiring. The flexibility counts to make sure that the wires are transported smoothly. It saves the electricians from a lot of hassle and the installments also end up looking clean and crisp.

PVC Conduit protects people in times of electrical mishaps causing fire and other accidents. It acts as an insulating barrier between electrical wiring and the house.  The pipes are extremely durable and are made to last in tough times. They are available in various, sizes, specifications, and segments to suit all kinds of requirements.