Ultimate Difference Guide of Pipe-Bend and Elbow

Durga Elastoplast has been at the forefront in the development of pipes and fittings manufacturers in Bihar. There are many innovative electrical PVC pipes, PVC conduit pipes, flexible PVC pipe, and other piping products, and one of them is the PVC pipe bends. Credited with pioneering several piping products, Durga PVC bends offer the necessary support for a great joint.

Pipe bends allow systems to minimize pressure changes and also allow smooth flow routing materials through a complex system. Classified in different sizes, the PVC pipe bends offered by Durga have supreme quality and superb round corners for better flow. The bends are precisely made and manufactured to attain the quality that our clients are searching for. No sharp-corners, and perfectly designed, the PVC pipe bends offers the best connectivity.

Now that you have read about Durga Pipe bends, you must be curious to know how these bends are different from elbows. Today this blog will try to clear the chaos in your heads and give you the clarity you need. 

Let’s start to read how curved PVC pipe is different from a bend.

  1. Radius – Bend incorporates a larger radius then elbows. Elbows are not as curvy as the bends. This bends the heroes when it comes to getting fit in complex situations. PVC pipe bend manufacturers in Bihar make sure that the most flexible yet sturdy plastic quality is used so that the bends do not succumb in cases of turn.
  2. Customization- Elbow could be a regular fitting; however, bends are custom fancied. Elbows have industrial limitations to size, bend radius and angle. PVC conduit benders can come around in many sizes as per the requirement. Moreover, experts like us can even provide the fittings as per your home or office requirement so as to make sure that your purpose is solved in the best possible manner. 
  3. Terminology- An elbow is an associate engineering term. This term is mainly used by electricians, technical personals, architects, designers and other such professionals who are related to the industry of construction. On the other hand, if a layman has to search the product online or has to go to a shop to buy it, he or she generally uses the term bend. Hence the term Bend is definitely more popular than the term elbow.
  4. Strength- Elbows are generally not as strong as the bends. The reason lies in the design. As the curve is not as steep as the Bend, they generally are unable to withstand the force when trying to bend more. On the other hand, bends can easily resist the force when they are placed in curvy situations as the material is more flexible, and the angular dimension allows it to tolerate the force. This makes bends a more strong choice over elbows.

The PVC pipe bends offered by Durga have amazing quality and perfectly round corners for better flow. The bends are perfectly made and manufactured to get the quality that the customers desire. With no sharp-corners and a great design, these PVC pipe bends offer the best connectivity