Why have electric plastic boxes become a major player in the market?

There are many different types of electrical enclosures that are composed of different types of metal that come with immense beneficial properties. But at the same time, these do not give the functionality which is a must for some specific uses. On the other hand, there are Electrical plastic boxes or plastic enclosures that offer far better protection when these are applied in certain conditions and scenarios. And that’s the reason why plastic or we can say Electrical Box Accessories has become one of the greatest players on the electronics enclosure market.

 Specifically, when we talk about smaller enclosures, those which are intended for the use of outdoors and with them the ones that need to have surface-level buttons built in them, using plastic in their manufacture can prove a lot more beneficial than metal.

Plastic has a colossal amount of beneficial properties that are not inherent to a different number of the metal varieties. And this is what makes it a suitable material for making enclosures with a wide collection of applications.

Here are all the properties and advantages of plastic that make it a preferred enclosure material for all the different types of uses.

  • Non-magnetic

There are some cases where an electronic enclosure that is made out of magnet can probably bring damage to the equipment that it protects or the one which is placed around it. With electrical box accessories, there are no chances of magnetic interference.

  • Waterproof

There are times when electrical enclosures need to be put in wet environments such as vicinity of ponds etc. or maybe even underwater. Also in some factories, where they’re used, the conditions are very humid, like in factories which have outdoor operations and demand proper protection from rain. For such cases, plastic is a much better choice as compared to metal as it is waterproof and at the same time it is not prone to rusting too.

  • Insulating

It is naturally insulating material and quite easy to embellish with additional insulation options. At the same time, plastic has the capability of giving good elemental protection while keeping the electronic components it protects at a constant temperature.

  • Inexpensive

Metal boxes are way more expensive than plastic ones as the material the former are made out of is expensive. Plastic is yet again one of the most cost-effective and at the same time economical materials which can be used to make electronic enclosures in the home.

  • Flexible

Plastic is very much less rigid than many different types of metal. Thus, the products made from plastic have the ability to absorb vibrations while protecting the insides from impact and at the same time saving more space than metal ones.  

So, now you know why Electrical plastic boxes are a major player in the industry.  

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