Flexible Conduit Pipes: Different Ways To Repair Flexible Conduit Pipe

The Flexible PVC Pipes are used to protect electrical wires. To prevent damage to conduits and wires it is essential to install conduits away from different sources of heat and water. In event that these are damaged it is crucial to repair them in order to prevent damage to wiring. Damaged conduits may be a sign that the wiring is damaged.

There are various types of flexible conduits pipes. Match the replacement flexible conduit with the existing conduit. Make sure that the conduit is wide enough to hold and fix all the wires.

flexible pvc pipe
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How to uninstall flexible conduits for electric wires:

  1. You need to shut off the flow of electricity.
  2. You need to disconnect the wires which are as close to the damage as possible. This will decrease the amount of rethreading wires from the conduit later on.
  3. You need to pull one end of the wires out from the conduit.
  4. You need to unscrew or use pliers to take out the conduit supports.
  5. If the damaged area is a section of a small section of the flexible conduit, you need to use a wrench to unscrew the conduit fittings on both ends of the damage done.


If there is a big section of flexible conduit, you need to use a pipe cutter or conduit saw to cut out the damaged section of the flexible conduit. Along with that, you need to cut a couple of inches more into the undamaged parts of the flexible conduit.

At the same time, also get rid of conduit pipes that have been damaged.

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What you need to do to install the new conduit for electric wires:

  1. You need to measure the size of conduit required to replace the removed conduit.
  2. You need to cut a piece of conduit piping by using a pipe cutter or conduit saw based on your measurements.
  3. If you see that the wires in the original conduit are easily accessible, pull them out of the flexible conduit opening.
  4. Then, put the wire through the new flexible conduit. If required, detach the wires from the electric fishing tape.
  5. If you have not pushed the electric tape through the conduit, push electric tape from the conduit beginning where the wires were disconnected.
  6. Cover the uninsulated end of the wires around the electric tape head and wrap the tape across them.
  7. Put electric lubricant on the tape that surrounds the head of the electric tape.
  8. With a wrench, screw flexible pipe connectors PVC over your cut piece of flexible conduit and over the conduit that is already there on both sides. Ensure that it is tight.
  9. Screw the flexible conduit supports back to their original place.
  10. Pull the wire from the conduit by a threading tool to put the wires into the flexible conduit and by carefully taking on the tape on the other end.
  11. After that, you need to reconnect the wires to the original place.
  12. At the end, turn the electricity back on.

So, this is how you repair flexible PVC pipes in different ways. If you’re looking for one of the best flexible PVC pipes, then you may try your hands on Durga Electroplast as they serve one of the best piping solutions to all your problems.