Industry Potential And Market Potential Of PVC Conduit Pipes And Fittings

Rigid PVC conduit pipes are rapidly replacing the traditional metal pipes in many applications. The regular metal pipes have already started being replaced by PVC pipes.
The use of PVC pipes as electrical conduits is well acquired in households and many other different kinds of industrial activities. PVC conduits have also been well acquired by all the Electricity Boards.

The PVC pipes of different diameters have achieved a broader acceptance in the market. Their lightweight, efficient cost, quick installation, non-corrosiveness, and very high tensile strength gives them the power to withstand high pressure while making them ideal for a colossal amount of purposes.

Another thing about them is that they also offer resistance to many of the chemicals and at the same time they have excellent electrical and heat insulation properties too.

Due to their chemical resistant properties, the PVC conduit pipe fittings are broadly used in such areas. One of the most commonly used PVC fittings are Bends, T’s, Elbows, Sockets and Joints. You might search for them in detail while purchasing as each one of them has its own speciality and characteristics that makes it different from the rest of the products.
Most of such fittings are manufactured by the method of injection moulding in various sizes respective to the size of PVC pipes.

Products and its Application

PVC pipes and fittings are majorly used in all sectors but the key usages are in a household, electrification in houses, workplaces and industries, and also many of the irrigation facilities in the agriculture field.

Industry Outlook And Recent Trend

PVC Conduit pipes and fittings account for the important segment of the Indian plastic Industry. This is indeed rapidly growing at the rate of 15 to 17% per annum. The outlook for this particular product is quite encouraging while considering the growth of the construction areas. The trends in the past have shown healthy growth and the upcoming trends of the market regarding this segment is considered to be very positive.

Market Potential And Marketing Issues

In accordance with the priorities of irrigation facilities that are there in the national planning along with rapid rural electrification, the demand for rigid PVC pipe and fittings is rising continuously. The PVC conduit pipe fittings are broadly used in all types of housing constructions and commercial constructions. 60% of the entire need of PVC pipe and fittings exist today is the pipes with 110 mm outer diameter and that is very much apt for small scale sector industries.

This was a brief about PVC conduit pipe fittings where you got to know about the product and its various applications along with the industry outlook and recent trends. At the same time, we also acquainted you with the market potential and the marketing issues related to the product. For more information, you may visit the website.