Time to Celebrate the Awe-Inspiring Journey of Shree Durga Electroplast!

Situated in Patliputra Industrial Area, Patna, Shree Durga Electroplast Industries claims the protected brand Durga. It is a MSME unit producing PVC Conduit Pipe, PVC Pipe fittings, Flexible PVC pipes, Pipe bends, Electrical Boards, Modular metal boxes while recently bringing in ISI Mark Pipe in Bihar.

Durga Electricals is a multi-brand outlet that sells electrical products of practically every one of the main brands. As of late, it has achieved one more achievement with initiating its PVC course unit, Sankatmochan Polyproducts at Hajipur Industrial region, Bihar.

The unit is run by two wise people, Deepak Sarraf and Sandeep Kumar Sarraf, the previous a Commerce move on from Patna University and the latter, an Engineering move on from Bihar University.

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The Sarraf siblings likewise run a 35-year-old electrical exchanging outlet, Durga Electricals, situated at Ashiana Vihar, Rajendra Path, Patna. Durga Electricals is a presumed and confided in name all around the state.

Here they have strived to give a-list premium items produced with super advanced hardware to make their trust more grounded for individuals who have faith in them.

Being quite possibly the most encouraging promoter, Durga emphatically trusts in the characteristics of Quality Control and Quality Assurance, orderly creation process, cutting edge current machines, perfect, coordinated, and safe working conditions, and working totally according to official laws. They are continually enhancing and adding new things to the item container and assembling items that are being brought into Bihar from different states, and do worker government assistance programs, just to give some examples. One of them is bringing ISI Pipe fittings in Bihar.

Deepak and Sandeep, along with the up and coming age of the Sarraf family, Ujjwal and Neelesh have buckled down in dispatching the new PVC channel unit, Sankat Mochan Polyproducts.

Flexible PVC Pipes

This new pursuit will help the market presence of the brand complex.

  • Durga Electroplast began creation in 2018.
  • Prior, this unit was known as Shree Shyam Plastics (at an alternate area in Patna itself), set up in 1993.
  • After fastidious examination and learning, they have concocted the best quality PVC lines and fittings.
  • They have a 300+ seller organization, many sub-vendors all over Bihar, and are extending their organization to Jharkhand and UP.
  • Since they cover the entire of Bihar, a state with a populace of around 13 crores, even 10% comes to 1.3 crores (13 million). With this, they cheerfully say that they have a great many clients and endeavor to have more.
  • They have a solid presence in pretty much every electrical counter across the province of Bihar.
  • They have a labor force of 35+ workers.
  • They have faith in conveying to their clients prime quality PVC-items for which they observe guideline quality and actually look at measures.
  • Their lines and fittings and every one of the items are made to convey quality for quite a while and can go through high stress.

28 years prior, in September 1993, a half-ounce manual infusion shaping machine worth just Rs 1800 in addition to a form worth Rs 400 (complete capital speculation of a small Rs 2200) was purchased from a neighborhood seller in Patna City. It was introduced in a carport on a wooden stool in the lawn of their home to make brilliant gem covers of scaled down brightening lights that were in the past hung during Diwali and different festivals.

This is the point at which their Dream Industry began developing its wings.

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A couple of months after the fact, the following stage was taken, and it was a presentation of the fundamental scope of PVC Pipe fittings, in particular, Junction Boxes. The battle had started. Rivaling existing brands was a test, however at that point, it was consistently quality that put Durga at the front line.

What’s more this quality assisted with driving the development interaction dramatically. They presented the Heavy-Duty range, a choice that implied hazard. The item was weighty and exorbitant. At first, it was intense for the market to acknowledge the costly reach.

Bit by bit, the items acquired prominence inferable from the objection free predominant quality. More machines of higher limit and shape were added at ordinary stretches to finish the reach. They moved from manual to essential self-loader machines, to completely programmed machines. The change began conveying results.

Their endeavors to redesign creation, both quantitatively and quality-wise, were with perfect timing to oblige the taking off request. It was time now to think and plan. Furthermore, then, at that point, they took a goliath jump.

PVC Pipe Fittings

After right around 23 years of foundation, in 2016, they chose to move to the appropriate Industrial region, to a BIADA plot. The aspiring undertaking included tremendous speculation, venture of a few crores. They chose to flood and their uplifting outlook and unrelenting endeavors conveyed results. 

With this, Durga made an amazing presence in the market by winning the hearts of millions of individuals. As it’s been said, the excursion to progress starts with a little advance and the group of Durga flawlessly depicted it with their persistent effort, assurance and persistence. Opt for the best ISI Mark Conduit Pipe in Bihar with us. 

Anticipating winning more hearts and bringing more grins by giving the best ever items to the world.